About Us

family picture of mother, father, newborn baby and toddler standing side on against a white background


Here we are! (a few years ago - but boy is it tricky to get a decent family photo where everyone is looking in the same direction!) Micah is brand new in this pic and I just love it!

I'm Jude, I was a secondary school teacher for 13 years before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. It was a bit of a rollercoaster setting everything up particularly during "lockdown" with 2 tiny folk being around and my husband working upstairs in the study, but everything seems to be coming together as I hoped. 2 years in and I can't wait to see what the next 2 bring for Mama Loves.

I absolutely adore children (hence being in teaching for so long!) but since having my own, its really made me appreciate just how tricky those tiny folk can be. So, I really wanted "Mama Loves" to be one less thing for you to worry about. You'll find really beautiful pieces, really useful pieces and then some pieces you really didn't know you wanted until you saw them! And I hope you love browsing through our store. I would love as much feedback as possible. So get in touch, drop me a line and let me know what you love or what you'd like to see more of.

Andy is my long suffering husband of 10 years (this year, eek!). He is the patient one of the team. The one who keeps me working on my goals and tries to curb (without much success) my online ordering of frilly things. With 2 boys, I don't get much chance for frilly things, so this has been a wonderful outlet for all those bits and bobs.

Our eldest son is Otis, he is 5 and a bit going on 15. A little redheaded bundle of energy who never stops, unless it's for an ice-cream or an episode of Paw Patrol. Micah is 2 and a half quite possibly the most smiley toddler ever. Thankfully he sleeps better than Otis did, so I have a tad more energy in the mornings these days!

Since they were born, we quickly realised just how tricky it can be to find beautiful, design-led items. Don't get me wrong, we have succumbed to brightly coloured plastic toys, but we've really tried to limit it, or at least to buy second hand to reduce our contribution to new plastic waste. There is just something really special about wooden toys and knowing that they will last for generations, getting better with age.  Keeping Otis occupied now however has given us a whole new insight on different sorts of games we can enjoy as a family. He is super competitive, we all are (!) so although we play games in the evening it's not always the most chilled out activities just before bed. I really hope you love the pieces we've chosen for the bigger kids. It can be tricky when technology plays such a huge part of their world, but our collections for that age group should give you some alternatives to try and enjoy all together!

So that's my family and a snapshot of my little team.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting involved in the Mama Loves story!


Jude x