Here we go again...

Here we go again...

Here we go again...

Lockdown #2

I can’t lie – ok maybe I’ve told the odd fib to my toddler to get him to eat some dinner, or I may have said that the park was closed on more than one occasion – but I really can’t lie about how frustrated and sad I felt when the second lockdown was announced.

My heart goes out to all those small businesses with shop fronts on their local high streets who have had to close their doors for a second time. To all those mum and baby groups who have had to go online again and miss seeing the interactions between all their lovely families. But particularly to all the new mums (and dads) who have just had their first baby, where everything is new, where the support that should be there in “normal” times isn’t available and the opportunities to make new friends with babies the same age have all but gone. A few friends have just had babies and I take my hat off to them! Having a baby during a pandemic is incredible and incredibly difficult in equal measure. Not being able to see family, not being able to pass the baby around for snuggles (this is equally as difficult for the visitors (me) who adore the newborn snugs!) Breastfeeding support isn’t quite as readily available, and when breastfeeding rates are low as it is, it’s sad to think that there are new mums trying their best to do it, but feeling like they can’t due to lack of support.

However, I know that the groups that I was involved with are working so incredibly hard to provide those much needed support systems to families while we’re all at home! I know that a follow on social media, a quick message to enquire about what’s on offer and keeping up to date for when classes resume can make a big difference to those groups.

Some of my faves are… (in no particular order!)

Dance Like a Mother CIC

Les Petits Pois Fun French

Tiny Talk Warrington Newton and Lymm

Rhythm and Rhyme

Hartbeeps North Cheshire


Check them out on social media. Give them some love!

And of course, Mama Loves is still open for business. We can’t wait to see you on Instagram, Facebook or the Website!

Stay Safe


Jude x


  • Aww ❤️Love empathetic and with genuinely helpful information..Thank you!

    Roberta Celene on

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