Bikloon Metal Vintage Balance Bike - Beige

Type: Toys

 Who will be the first to arrive? This beautiful vintage-style metal Bikloon is ideal for outdoor activities! This real balance bike with inflatable tyres will help your child from 3 years old to develop his/her coordination and balance. They will be able to imitate older kids on their bikes and will have a definite advantage: they will easily learn to ride a bike without the wheels later on! The handles of this beautiful balance-bike provide comfort and allow a good grip by the child thanks to their silicone composition.

The seat is adjustable and can be adapted to the child's height as he/she grows (from 40 to 46 cm/15.7 to 18.1"). The bike comes with a pretty faux-leather bag that can be easily attached to the front thanks to its adjustable straps, ideal for carrying a small water bottle, a comforter or any other treasure found during the ride! 


Important Bits:

Maximum load: 25 kg

Dimensions: 85 x 41 x 61 cm

Age: 3-6 years old

Note: Don't forget your helmet!!