Business Pals Wanted!

Business Pals Wanted!

Business Pals Wanted!

Finding the time to write a blog post has been tricky to say the least! But here we go! No sob stories thought– I couldn’t be happier that my time is so full because it has been full of a lot of fun! We joke in our family that when September rolls around, it’s a non-stop conveyor belt of birthdays and Christmas. So for now we are back to the recovery period and lull of wrapping paper for a good few months.

2021 was my “BIG” Birthday – I’m using birthday in the loosest of terms as in reality it was a Birthmonth. I wholeheartedly rinsed the opportunity to celebrate, partly because it was a “biggie” but partly because of covid and no one had seen each other properly in a LONG time, that we were well overdue a celebration or 3…

But the balloons have since popped, there is no more champers in the fridge (boooo!) and reality of life and running a business has had to resume! I’ve got big plans up my sleeve for 2022 (I feel like I’m a proper grown up now and my planning skills should definitely and beyond so today has been marked in the diary for kick starting the planning and getting my butt into gear for the coming months.

I’d love to hear from you if you also run a small business - For ideas sharing, if you’re local then a coffee date perhaps, moral support, a nudge/shove/kick in the right direction and general inspiration! Get in touch!

I’m a big fan of an inspirational quote. So I’ll leave you with this one…

 image shows an inspirational quote - the biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business

Jude x

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