Thank you for the Music!

Thank you for the Music!

Thank you for the Music!

I was brought up in a home where music was important. I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old and I always loved to sing. My younger sister was the same, though her skills stretched to the drums and guitar aswell! We were lucky to have a piano in the house so it just seemed natural that we would learn to play it – there was a very brief foray into learning the flute but I got too dizzy so that quickly passed! (also as a side note - it was understood in no uncertain terms by my mother that neither of us would learn the violin – not on her watch, not in her living room, not under her roof, where she could hear every scratchy string!) Message received loud and clear!

Fast forward many years of piano and singing lessons and the love of music has never left. I had the absolute pleasure of teaching some baby music groups for a year – if you are in the Manchester area, check out “Rhythm and Rhyme” – you will be made so welcome and your little ones will love every second of big drum time, parachute time and the infamous bubble time! 

But what is it that makes music groups and sharing music with your little ones so special?

I’ve thought long and hard and I’ve gathered my thoughts into my own top 5 reasons – in no particular order at all!

  • Soothing and Calming – I don’t know about you but “twinkle twinkle little star” is my go to lullaby for Micah to calm and soothe him. He recognises it now so much that he instantly lays his head down or comes and snuggles in for a feed! As part of your bedtime routine it can be a gorgeous way to end a hectic day – and the best bit is…you don’t need to be the next Celine Dion, your little one will love your voice no matter what!


  • Sensory Development – colours, textures and taste form the basis for sensory development along with sounds and rhythms. Allowing children to hear different types of music builds up the pathways in their brains! Let your inner DJ shine and mix in some Mozart with your Madonna…


  • Coordination – is there anything cuter than watching a baby or toddler bust some moves? Their little nappies bouncing along and chubby arms waving around. Amazing. Their fine and gross motor skills are being developed when you give them shakers or drums. Their muscles strengthen when they are bouncing along to the music. A full body workout!


  • Vocab Boost– I’m particularly fond of misheard lyrics – Otis still sings “elemenopee” and gets very confused when he is following the letters up to that point in his A B C’s. We all know that talking to our children can develop their vocab but story telling through music can boost this even further. As your child gets older you might notice they start using the same tune of a well know song and putting their own words to it! Clever!!


  • Confidence and Self Esteem – listening to music helps boost positivity and allows any stresses to be released. (this also works for bigger folk too!)


A great place to start with developing their fine and gross motor skills is using shakers and maracas with your little one. For example, getting them to follow directions – shaking to the left and right, copying a beat, starting and stopping are all simple ways to interact with the instruments.

We’ve got the most beautiful music set from Konges Slojd that makes an extra special gift. Or some super cute maracas from Janod that would be a great starter option to build confidence or to put together a little sensory set for your little one.


We’d love to see and hear what you get up to with your budding musicians!

Tag us in your stories on Instagram and show us your skills!! @mamalovesboutique


Jude x


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