Mother's Day in Lockdown...Again

Mother's Day in Lockdown...Again

Mother's Day in Lockdown...Again

 This time last year we were in the throws of thinking this new virus would blow over in a few weeks and things would be back to normal by summer at the latest (well that was my naïve take on things  anyway). Fast forward one whole year and here we still are, a little older, a little wiser (sort of), in our new routines and ready to spend another Mother’s Day at home. Last year, Micah was about 4 months old, so my wishlist was to get a shower and get dressed before midday.

This year I have asked for two things –

  • not to do any cooking or clearing up (bonus points if there is minimal mess in the kitchen) and
  • not to have to tidy anything away at the end of the day (bonus points if some toys are tidied before other toys are taken out)

I do however, realise that 50% of my wishlist is wishful thinking.

So, what will we do for the day?

We’ve found a new “forest” to visit! (it’s not actually a forest is a 1000-acre woodland with deer). But, Otis loves a forest. Mud, trees, puddles, flat paths for his bike and he is a happy chap. Micah loves a puddle but with any luck he’ll have a big nap on the way round as an extra gift for mummy too! We’ve been members of National Trust since Otis was a baby so making use of all that local open space has been amazing. We are still to spot a deer though. Must try harder.

We’ll bring a car picnic too – this has been a new thing for us this week and caused much excitement getting to eat sandwiches and snacks in their seats – but it worked a treat so we’ll try that again. I recommend the cute Konges Sløjd snack pots that can be passed round easily but snacks don’t fall out mid passing round! 

I’ve also bought some gingerbread cookies to decorate. I had thought of baking our own but I refer you back to my initial Wishlist of “no mess” and felt that would cause me more hassle than it would joy, so pre-made cookies it is! They are super cute Easter egg shape ones that stand up. What’s not to love about that.

Finally, I’m going to have a bath. We got both our bathrooms renovated before Christmas and I still haven’t made it into the tub. Everyone else seems to enjoy their relaxing soak (my husband is particularly fond of a bath with scented candles), so Sunday afternoon, post-cookie decorating and pre-takeaway I’m going to lock myself away with a bath bomb and some spa music.

In between times there’ll be the obligatory zoom chats with the grannies.

Phew. I’m tired just reading about it.

Whatever you guys get up to, I’d love to know. Breakfast in bed, a cheeky lie in? Tell me all! But have a super day with your little team.


Jude x

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